My First Kitchen Club

Do you find cooking a chore? Are you tired of the same go to recipes? Is the 5:00 stress too much? Does it leave you pulling something out of the freezer or getting take-out? I have a better way to enjoy creating a meal by sharing that experience with friends. Instead of a coffee with your girlfriend next week, I invite you to cook. This is how it works:

One week you cook at your house and you do all the shopping and your girlfriend brings any cooking equipment needed to prep and bring home her meal. Then the next week she picks the recipe and you cook at her house. After all, shopping for 2 families is no extra work and the week you don’t have to plan is no work at all. Both you and your friend get a fabulous dinner to share with your families. All the recipes can be made ahead of time so plan a morning meet or afternoon, or just before dinner.

Kids at home? Not a problem. Emailed instructions tell you how to include your kids in the process.

Worried your work schedule won’t allow for time before dinner? Get your kids or your nanny inspired in the kitchen.  Click Here to see how Alison can run sessions in your home.

  1. Your Club:

    Pick one, two or three friends you would like to socialize with on a regular basis. Experience indicates that with one friend you can cook together once per week, with two or three friends you might want to cook once every 2 weeks. Your group should live in close proximity and have similar schedules and food preferences. The host does the grocery shopping and the guests are told via email what they need to bring.

  2. Your Event:

    The time of day you schedule your event depends on the group. Most groups I have worked with pick one afternoon every week or bi-weekly and book it in their electronic calendars. That way it is planned months in advance and if you have to change the odd week switching a Thursday for a Tuesday then it becomes a one-off adjustment. Like many things if it is in the calendar it will happen.

Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Create an account

Step 2: Select your group 1, 2 or 3 friends – stove top recipes work on 4 burners.

Step 3: Select one of the many make ahead recipes on The Sticky Kitchen site by clicking heart add to favourites.

Step 4: Determine a location, date and time. Ideally you would host first then rotate houses with your friends.

Step 5: Schedule the event.

The Sticky Kitchen sends an email to your friends confirming the event and what they need to bring. Then an email comes to you detailing your grocery list, equipment required, preparation ideas and ways to include kids in the process.

The efficiency of cooking in a group will save you money, give you new ideas for making real food and it will no longer feel like a chore.

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