Alison’s Bio


Alison’s mission in life is to share what she has learned over the years about the importance of healthy eating and how easy and fun it can be. She is a passionate amateur cook and a naturally gifted teacher who has spent years creating, testing and perfecting her recipes with kids, cooking clubs and her own family of 5. Because Alison is self-taught, her recipes are easy to make, easy to follow and a fun way to spend time with your friends and family.

For 6 years Alison operated an organization called Fitgirls that offered workshops, after school sessions and summer camps for girls ages 7 – 11. It offered girls a chance to build confidence in basic athletics, healthy body image and their knowledge of nutrition. The program exceeded expectations and had a profound impact on hundreds of girls.

Part of the after school program involved cooking in the kitchen of the local churches where the programs are run. At the camp, the girls would prepare snack and part of a meal to take home for dinner each day. It was here in the kitchen Alison first the discovered the power of food. Some of the girls were transformed and empowered by the experience. In a social environment of cooking with friends the girls tried new things and were more open to embrace different experiences. The girls took tremendous pride in bringing home food for their whole family to enjoy. There is the power and joy of community cooking, as well as the importance of starting healthy food habits early in life.

Alison’s passion for cooking combined with a business education and an operations background helped her make the planning, documenting and testing of recipes uniquely successful. The Sticky Kitchen is Alison’s refreshing take on reducing our reliance on take-out and processed foods and inspires cooking more in the kitchen. Delicious recipes are coupled with meal plans that foster cooking together with others, which makes cooking fun, promotes staying connected with friends and loved ones, and invites children to participate in making meals.

Alison has an HBA and MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business and lives in Toronto with her husband Scott and 3 children age 12, 10 and 7.

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