Recipes are Dietitian Approved

I love eating food, but even more than that, I love what food can do for our health and wellbeing.  By making a few changes in what we choose to eat we can make a difference in overall health – be it physical, mental and social.  Food is our fuel that allows us to be our best at things we want to do in work, sports, school being with friends and family.   Understanding and being aware of our daily food choices is the first step in achieving our health and life goals.   The Sticky Kitchen will help move forward this movement.

Alison introduces a new way to cook where the kitchen is a place of satisfaction; a place to socialize while preparing delicious and nutritious meals. We know that eating a meal together creates a sense of security and comfort for kids, it also means teenagers are less likely to get into trouble and experiment with drugs and research shows kids to better academically as a result. I have had the pleasure of working with Alison on a few occasions and the process is easy and the results so satisfying for my family.

Alison’s approach will empower you in the kitchen, have fun making the recipes while increasing food variety in your life. She delivers many of the same elements as I promote with clients:

  • including all 4 food groups and alternatives in each meal
  • incorporating a variety of foods in your weekly planning
  • focusing on plant based foods
  • enhancing food flavours using herbs and spices instead of relying on salt and other additives
  • using tasty and nutrient dense grain alternatives to increase fibre intake while reducing reliance on white flour
  • using flavoursome  heart healthy fats and relying less on saturated and trans fats

About the author:

Tanya Giaquinto is a Registered Dietitian working in a variety of settings, such as High Point Wellness Centre, Nicole Doucet Communications, La Capitale and Nutrivision and can be contacted via email for nutritional and health support.  Her focus is helping children and adults to manage their physical, mental and social health through their food and supplement choices.