About The Sticky Kitchen

Visiting my grandmother’s farm when I was young, I remember the kitchen as the centre of activity; in a really good way. She would gather with neighbours to cook for the workers on the farm during harvest time or to do a whole batch of canning peaches for the winter. That’s where I first learned the joy of preparing food with friends. And of course, eating it. Somehow food tastes better when you’ve put in a little effort and love.

I lost that joy as a young adult and then when first raising a family. Life got really busy and there wasn’t enough time. Somewhere along the way, I rationalized that it was okay to sacrifice a little nutrition and even accept preservatives, because life felt too hectic. As I learned more and more about our food chain, it became a trade-off I was no longer prepared to make. The solution I came up with is the one I am thrilled to share with you on this site.

The Sticky Kitchen takes a unique approach. It brings together cooking and connecting with friends and family. It also offers a way to include your kids to create the foundation for healthy, life-long nutrition. The result is a mouth watering, healthy meal your family will love. And by including your friends and family, it doesn’t ‘get in the way’ of busy lives, just like in my grandmother’s kitchen.

You can use the site in three ways:

1) Start a Kitchen Club and schedule some cooking events with your friends or your kids. Click here for 5 easy steps.

2) For clients who live in the Toronto Area, Alison works as a personal trainer for your Kitchen and Cooking Skills. Click here to see all the options.

3)  New in 2016 – See if there is an upcoming class you would like to attend Click here or email Alison at info@the-sticky-kitchen.com.