Working with Alison


There are thousands of food experts, health experts and others telling us what to eat and when. What they don’t tell us is how to get there without resenting the process. Let’s face it, it is intimidating putting together super foods and healthy options with the precious little time we have available in our day. It is much easier to boil a pot of pasta or call for take-out.

I can help you make it back into that kitchen without fear.

I am a passionate home cook with a desire to help you find ways to enjoy time preparing healthy meals. My philosophy is that cooking should be just as enjoyable as sitting down to a meal with your family. From the simplest of meals to the dinner party you have been planning for ages, being in your kitchen should be therapeutic. After all, the kitchen is the hub of the home.

You can choose from one or more of my coaching services or call me to customize something unique to you – $50 per hour. Set up for success, invite your friends to cook with you or even sit back while the kids take the reigns. You pick

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Available Services in Toronto:

  1. Moving In – Kitchen Potential

    An Inspiring Kitchen Consultation that can happen at the time of your move to a new house or during spring cleaning.  First we will look at the layout of your kitchen together. We will go through the items you have and decide what tools can stay, go, or do you need to add some more? While putting everything away I will pay close attention to flow and efficiency. What things might you want to stock in your pantry and fridge to make cooking easier? After the kitchen is set up I will shop and prepare your first meal to be enjoyed in your new house.

    4 hours of kitchen organization plus shopping and meal prep $300
  2. Back to the Kitchen

    You will enjoy discovering some new family friendly favourites and getting organized. Together we will plan a week of meals to fit your family’s needs and likes. We will shop together to stock your pantry and end the session by making a healthy meal together.

    Impress your family with a new favourite and a spotless kitchen. You will be empowered in your own home!

    2 sessions totalling 5 hours – $225
  3. Kitchen Club

    What better way to enjoy creating a meal than sharing that experience with friends? Invite 1, 2 or 3 of your friends to drop the books and pick up the pans with a cooking club. I will help you set up each of your own first hosting events.

    For each club member they will be treated to a one hour cooking club in-kitchen consultation before the fun begins. By the time your friends arrive you will be ready for 2 hours of shared cooking but you will be set up for endless club experiences.

    Everyone goes home with dinner for the family, a new recipe and a having spent time with friends. Don’t worry, the family will appreciate the cooking club more than the book club.

    $125 per session
  4. Children Cooking with Love

    Make yourself obsolete by arming your children with the love of cooking too! I will come to your kitchen and provide cooking lessons for your child and up to 3 of their friends. Engaging kids in the process of planning and cooking a family meal is a life skill. Parents will do the shopping in advance based on a detailed list and then I will come to set up the kitchen. The kids and I run through the recipe together, prepare the kitchen and then I supervise while your mini-chefs do the cooking. All along the way I demonstrate key kitchen and cooking skills. Not only will you and your friends have dinner ready when everyone gets home from their day, but the kitchen will be as clean as you left it!!

    Includes 30 minutes set up and a 1.5 hour cooking session. Sign up for 4 sessions and save. No other adults required.

    $120 for 4 kids age 7 and up